Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures for Parents and Guardians  (English brochure)

In the event of an emergency, please remain calm.  Your child's safety will be our top priority.

Do not try to contact the school.  We will be flooded with calls and will need to be working with emergency personnel, such as the police and fire departments.  Please listen to KSSK radio station for official information.

Do not come to the school.  You may only be adding to traffic congestion and the campus may already be closed for safety reasons.

If we have evacuated the school, our primary site is Ala Wai Park.  If that park is deemed not safe or appropriate, then our secondary site will be Crane Park.  Remember to bring identification for verification so we can release your child to you.
DOE Safe Schools Emergency Page  (see links at the bottom of the page to view the emergency brochure in other languages) 
Student Expectations in an Emergency
Follow the directions of your teacher.  Cooperate with instructions without questioning authority so that we can maintain a safe environment.

Do not use any electronic devices, including cell phones, head phones, walkmen and remote controls.  This is so that you can hear instructions and not trigger any explosive device which may be sensitive to electronic signals.

Remain calm and be orderly.

More information can be found in the Emergency Procedures Guide published by the Safety and Security Services Section.

Revised September 30, 2013