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What are SLCs?
Did you graduate from a small school?  If you did, you probably enjoyed knowing everyone and benefited from a personalized educational environment.  
A Smaller Learning Community (SLC) is a school organizational structure that is increasingly common in high schools.  It is used to subdivide large school populations into smaller, autonomous groups of students and teachers.  The primary purpose of restructuring secondary schools into SLCs is to create a more personalized learning environment to better meet the needs of students.  This will help our students be college and career ready.  
At Kaimuki High School, starting from 9th grade, all students will be in an academy.  9th graders have a separate academy.  This academy is all about teaming, supporting, and transitioning them from the middle school to the high school to make their first year successful.   Prior to 9th grade, students will choose a pathway and this will determine which "core" course they will take in 9th grade.  
From 10th grade on, students will be in their selected career academy.  Please refer to the
Course Description Manual to see the academies and course progression.  
See the attached pamphlet for more information.
Updated:  August 11, 2016