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What is Kaimuki to College?
This program offers students the opportunity to earn free college credit while taking courses on the Kaimuki High School campus.  Instructors from Kapiolani Community College commute to the Kaimuki campus to teach dual-credit classes that will garner you credits valid for both high school and college. Students wanting to participate in this program must demonstrate that they are ready to take these courses by earning minimum required scores on the COMPASS  placement test. 
How Can I Participate?
All qualified students interested in participating in Kaimuki to college need to make an appointment with Mr. Tom Schemel in the College and Career Transition Center.
Classes being offered in the 2015-16 school year:
Pacific Island Studies (PACS 108)
Introduction fo World's Major Religions (REL 150)
Composition 1 (ENG 100)
Posted June 2, 2014 ; updated September 16, 2014