Parents/Guardians/Students: Student Publication/Audio/Video Release Form

 Even if your child has had a picture taken, they will be cut from the yearbook if a Student Publication/Audio/Video Release Form has not been completed.
The form and following information are included in this link.
Student Publication/Audio/Video Release By providing Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) your permission, the student’s names and/or likenesses, photo, video, and/or audio may be used in HIDOE school-related publication print and analog/digital media. Examples of HIDOE school-related publications, include but are not limited to:
  •  A playbill, showing the student’s role in a drama production
  •  Annual yearbook
  •  Student photographs for classroom / teacher use
  •  Honor roll or other recognition lists and programs
  •  Graduation programs and announcements
  •  Sports activity programs or sheets, such as for wrestling, showing weight and height of student
  •  School newsletters
  •  Audio and video recordings to aid with reinforcing appropriate behaviors
  •  Audio and video recording capturing those memorable moments, such as graduation ceremonies and May Day and other holiday programs or school events
  •  Student photographs for classroom and teacher use
  •  Officially recognized activities and events
Hawaii student teachers participating in educator preparation programs and staff in professional development courses within the HIDOE may have access to student work and/or other student publications during the course of their studies.
By checking “yes” and signing the Student Publication/Audio/Video Release Form, parents, guardians, and eligible students provide permission for all publication items for HIDOE noncommercial, educational purposes and cannot select individual items.
Posted March 2, 2017